Sunday, March 12, 2006

Midnight Snack

After cleaning for the whole weekend, a little sunday midnight snack is perfect to enjoy as a short break. It also lets you forget for a short while that it's monday tomorrow morning and you'll have to get back to work!

for 2 people:


crackers (i like those a lot)
cucumber, roughly peeled and sliced
goat cheese
oven-roasted tomatoes (from Whole Foods or any other deli, the really good ones are at the Beverly Hills Cheese store)
italian parsley for decoration
white grapes
cold bottle of white wine


There's not much to describe. Put goat cheese onto the crackers and the cucumber slices, add oven-roasted tomatoes and a few leaves of italian parsley for decoration.

I really like those oven-roasted tomatoes. There's another really simple dish i made-up a while ago using those tomatoes. Take a look here.

Heidi brought us this bottle of white wine which you won't find at any regular grocery store. There's a restaurant in South Pasadena that once in a while does a special evening where they also invite wineries to present their wines. If you're interested, i could probably find out more details about those events. Or if you read this Heidi, could you please give us some information about it?

This Pinot from Robert Linsley was very good and nicely presented in a thin bottle.


At 5:48 PM, Blogger ann illusion said...

you wanna get married? i need a houseman


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