Saturday, June 17, 2006

Thailand Day 10

Isaan specialties

The food from the Isaan region (north-eastern part), is much less what you would normally consider typical thai food in western cultures. This is probably for the simple reason that the ingredients are a bit less compatible with our taste buds.

We went to this place a bit outside the touristy areas of Bangkok where I was the only "farang" (white guy) and where they exclusively served Isaan specialties.

As the dishes arrived, Andrew told me to try this special white bean dish. It tasted good! Until everyone was laughing and congratulated me for eating ant nests!

Another rather peculiar dish were the jumping shrimp. They're small baby shrimp and they're alive. A bowl arrives on the table that's covered with a lid. Once you open the lid, the shrimp are jumping high up trying to escape the lemon-mint sauce they're beeing bathed in. Even though it sounds a bit cruel, this was probably my favorite among the dishes.

Ant nests! Have a close look and you'll see some black ant heads in there! Mmmmm...

Jumping shrimp. A bit cruel but very tasty!

Duck tongue.

Forest mushroom soup.

Thai truffles. They're also growing underneath the earth surface. A bit tough to eat but interesting.


Fried chicken. Sounds pleasantly normal, doesn't it?

Our little gang of ant nest and jumping shrimp eating people.


At 1:44 AM, Anonymous yoki said...

are you sure the fried chiken was really "chiken"? it looks like frog... :-P


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