Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Thailand Day 13

Muchi's Chicken

A few nights ago, Andrew's and Muchi's kitchen was once again in action and Muchi made a very nice filled chicken for a few guests we had. The recipe came out of a japanese book, so I won't try to translate it here for you.

Back in LA, I've prepared a few filled chicken recipes as well. You might want to click
here or here to take a look.

Gianni Ristorante

In terms of italian restaurants in Bangkok, you'll find quite a few. Some of them are really great, like Zanotti for example. But since I've been there several times already, we went to another place this time, called Gianni.

The atmosphere is upscale, the prices not as high as at Zanotti. The duck liver appetizer I had was around $10, the venison main dish about $15.

As always, it gets very expensive with the wine. Wine prices in Thailand are high already anyway, making it even more noticable in a restaurant.

The food was good, even though not great. While the duckliver was fantastic, the raspberry sauce that was a bit too sweet for my taste, could have been a bit more subtle. The venison with the walnut crust was nice too, but again, something was missing to make it perfect.

Maybe I'm just a bit too picky right now about italian food after visiting New York last month where we've eaten some of the best italian food ever! But then again, the numbers on the bill were quite different as well!


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