Friday, June 09, 2006

Thailand Day 2:

Lunch at Paragon Food Court Bangkok

The Paragon Mall must belong to the biggest and nicest malls in Asia. It's opened quite recently and has a fantastic grocery section as well that could be compared to a mixture of Whole Foods and Mitsuwa in Los Angeles.

I was also pleasently surprised to see a growing amount of organic vegetables and fruits on display. They even carry raclette cheese and fondue mixtures!

On the same level there's also a gigantic food court, chairs placed around tables with beautifully designed, several meter long fish aquariums on top, ready for the countless people enjoying their lunch while watching the fish move in front of their eyes.

One of the many restaurants within the food court offered a wide range of different types of asian cuisines, including indian, japanese, chinese and of course thai food.

I went for a simple green curry with an iced lemongrass greentea. $4 for this lunch.

A green curry is fairly easy to make and can taste very authentic if you're using a good green curry paste, available at most grocery stores in the international food shelf. For a simple recipe, click here and scroll down.

Cajun Creole Dinner at Bourbon St. Bangkok

This was an interesting place Andrew wanted to introduce me to.

It originally got founded by a guy from New Orleans who imported a few life crawfish and decided to breed them as this was a lot cheaper than importing them from the US.

At Bourbon St. you order the crawfish by weight.

They serve them on big plates together with some corn, potatoes and a few andouille sausages, which were very delicious!

The coleslaw sidedish was great too, not sweet as opposed to how it's usually served in california.

Bourbon St. is just one of few of Bangkok's international places and proves that you can always escape from the more spicy thai cuisine if you're feeling a bit homesick.

Bourbon St., 29/4-6 Sukhumvit Soi 22, Bangkok 10110


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