Saturday, June 10, 2006

Thailand Day 3

Lunch at a Hole-In-The-Wall Noodle Place

There are countless places to eat along almost any street in Bangkok.

Some of them are
just small grill places or fruit stands, then there's others like this little place that somewhat resemble a restaurant, but they're really not much else than a hole-in-the wall with a few plastic tables and chairs, toilet paper for cleaning your hands and re-used wooden chop sticks. Lots of no-no's in other cultures with more strict cleanliness standards.

But putting that all aside, the food at those places is amazing and really cheap!

This particular place apparently one of the best in town.

You choose to either have egg or rice noodles, then you choose the types of fishballs you'd like to have in your soup and that's about it. Drinks are served in a little tin cup.

On the table you also have a few different types of sauces, chili paste and sugar to be added to the soup to your likings.

This might have been the best noodle soup I've had. The price? 80 cents.

Afternoon Espresso and Cake at the Oriental Cafe

Depending on the places you go to, the prices vary a lot.

rall, your eating and drinking experiences in Thailand are quite cheap. But places like the Oriental Cafe in the Emporium Shopping Mall remind a lot of western prices. $ 2.50 for an espresso. $ 3.00 for a cake.

The mixture between the 3rd world feeling and the total high-class and sophistication is very fascinating to me.

You'll get the whole range, but taste and quality are mostly of highest importance.

Dinner at China Palace

Speechless! Most amazing chinese dinner ever on the 32nd floor of the Prince Palace Hotel. We were invited by the Bunnag's family doctor to enjoy the fireworks for the king's 60th celebration while enjoying an incredible meal.

We've had a few great appetizers including dr
unken chicken, jellyfish, pork sausage and a shrimp toast. After that sharkfin bamboo soup, peking duckskin tortillas, shrimp in a chinese olive sauce, crab, steamed grouper, shitake and spinach vegetables, chinese noodles with squid and chili and ground duck wrapped in lettuce leaves.

All the dishes were simply incredible!

China Palace
488/800 Bo Bae Tower, Damrongrak Road,

Klong Mahanak, Pomprab, Bangkok


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