Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Thailand Day 6

Seafood Soup

This is another dinner Andrew prepared at his house. Fresh seafood is definitely one of the strenghts of Thailand and it doesn't cost nearly as much since everything is local and fresh daily.

For this soup, we've used a red spotted grouper, crab claws, tiger prawns and mussels.

The base of the soup is a regular fish stock, prepared with carrots, leek, some fennel seeds, onions, bay leaves, which later get strained.

In another pan, we cooked the trash parts of the prawns (head, shells, legs) in some stock as well. This really gives the stock a strong, fresh seafood flavor.

Later on on, this stock including all the prawn parts, get blended in a food precessor until smooth. Into this blend, we've also added a whole white grouper for additional flavor, some paprika, garlic and fennel seeds.

Now all the prawns, mussels, crab and red grouper go into the stock one after each other without completely cooking them.

At the end, all the ingredients are combined together with the blended sauce and you're ready to serve this soup with some baguette to clean up your plate after eating!

I think this would also work if prepared less soupy and used as a sauce for pasta. Delicious!


At 7:44 AM, Anonymous Moonlight said...

Hi DAn
It's Moonlight.

G...u r food crazy guru.
If you know my mom u could die coz' she's best at cooking.
She uesd to have her own restuant when I was young.And till now she still time to time cook some things incredible.
Nice to know you, Dan.
My e mail is jaopu13@gmail.com

see you

At 8:35 AM, Blogger Dan said...

Hi, would be great to see some of your mom's dishes! thanks for your comments and please keep checking in once in a while.


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