Thursday, June 15, 2006

Thailand Day 8

Raclette in tropical Bangkok (!)

Tonight, Khun Mao brought home some raclette cheese, pickled cucumbers and onions and put her old raclette oven on the table for a swiss evening! I didn't expect I'd be eating raclette (a winter dish) in tropical climate. Good thing there's air conditioning to make it cold enough in the room to justify a winterly dish like that. It was great fun though. The domestic prosciutto was suprisingly good as well! We've also had a fun raclette in the US shortly before my departure. Check it out here.

If you're walking through Bangkok's shopping malls, you'll definitely stop calling Thailand a 3rd world country. At places like Central, Paragon or Emporium you can find about anything you want in the grocery sections. The one bad thing I found out so far though is, that wine is very expensive because of a heavy import tax. Probably about twice the price of the US.


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