Thursday, July 06, 2006

Thailand - Last Day

Market in Pattaya

The markets in Thailand always fascinated me with their vivid colors and scents. While this market in Pattaya is rather small, in bigger ones you'll encounter all kinds of, in our eyes, peculiar booths that sell, for example, turtles, swamp frogs, dried fish filled with baby banana, fermented pastes and of course a huge amount of different local seafood, vegetables and fruits.

While you're strolling through those markets, the colors change as quick as the smell does from the spice booth next to the seafood stand. It's a visual feast to see the locals selling their goods.

Mostly, markets don't only sell foods, but also an unspeakable amount of things you can't imagine what they'd be good for. The perfect example would be the famous Chatuchak weekend market in Bangkok where you can find about anything if you're patient enough to walk through all the sois (alleys). There's scorpions, underwear, ripped dvd's, antique furniture, birds and tigers, fresh fruit juices and anything else you could think of.

Fruits like Mangosteen, Logan, Bananas, Coconuts and many more...

Fresh vegetables.

More veggies.

Different kinds of chili pastes.

Sseasoning and fish sauces.

Fish and other seafood.

Pork and beef.

Cutting pork chops.

More meat.

Spices, onions and shallots.


At 12:58 PM, Anonymous yoki said...

wow, again wonderful photos... !!!!


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