Friday, September 08, 2006

A few days in Paris

More than ever before I noticed what a beautiful city Paris is, including, of course, wonderful opportunities to dine excellently if you're careful to avoid the tourist traps. I wouldn't necessarily try to eat in a brasserie next to the Notre Dame or the Louvre, rather walk the many charming streets of Le Marais or Avenue de Buci for a fantastic selection of bakeries and patisseries as well.

There's one particular place I'd especially like to recommend. At Caveau François Villon, 64 Rue de l'Arbre Sec, I ate quite heavenly! The concept of this restaurant is, that you're choosing from an appetizer, a main dish and a dessert for a fixed price which was 26 Euros. In addition, I chose a glass of red wine, a Corbières, which was quite above the average quality of what you'd get served for 6$.

The entrance to the 15th century building, the wonderful Caveau François Villon restaurant.

You choose from six different appetizers, six main dishes and six desserts.

A pork feet terrine with a vinegary sauce and a small salad.

Beef tenderloin on a strong green pepper sauce with a Roesti-like potato pie.

The famous crème brulée.

A wonderful ratatouille with anis seeds, served chilled.

Lamb kidneys on a parsley sauce. Amazing!

One of the best desserts I've had in a while, prunes soaked in red wine and prune liquor.

A mushroom salad in a different restaurant inside Le Marais. The baguette is always served with any dish.

Duck breast on a honey sauce with mashed sweet potatoes. Coarse seasalt and peppercorns are served on the side of the plate to be mixed into the sauce. Good idea!

Caveau François Villon
64, Rue de L'Arbre Sec
75001 Paris

Au Gamin de Paris
51, Rue Vieille du Temple
75004 Paris


At 2:29 PM, Blogger yoko said...

you really were in the heaven..... :-(

At 8:44 PM, Blogger Gloria said...

Au Gamin is one of my most favorite restaurants in Paris - partially sentimental reasons (ate there at least once a week when I lived in Paris) and partially for their gateau au chocolat avec glace and salade avec confit de canard. Mm!

At 1:20 AM, Anonymous mizue said...

it's 1:21 am and i'm hungry..
your pictures killed me instantly.

At 12:41 PM, Anonymous JR said...

Au Gamin is Superb! Highly Reccommend and that staff is so attentive and friendly. I'll def. be back ;)


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