Sunday, October 01, 2006

Italy Part 1 - Bologna

I apologize for the lack of updates recently... there has been a trip through italy which was very much food oriented as you'll see in the following posts. To put the conclusion first, for me, italy still offers the best food in the world. Beautiful grocery markets through narrow streets, local deli stores, bigger market halls that offer fresh goods on a daily basis and of course a vast selection of fantastic restaurants where it's still a rule to prepare fresh pasta day by day. I hope you'll enjoy the following pictures. I will be in italy hopefully very soon again since there's never enough time to enjoy all there is to enjoy.

One of many narrow market streets.

Getting some fresh fruit while on the way to work.

A wonderful selection of fresh produce.

Sometimes it's hard to notice the vendor in the small grocery stalls.

Carrying another load of fresh vegetables to his store.

And how much were those apples?

A woman checking out the fantastic Tamburini deli store.

Another fine Bologna deli store.

The selection of local salami, prosciutto and other coldcuts is endless.

A woman trying to make up her mind what to get.

I've never found such great salamis as in Bologna.

Fresh pasta...

... prepared every day.


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