Sunday, October 01, 2006

Italy Part 2 - Regello

Away from the tourist destinations, we arrived at our agri-turismo place (kind of like a bed and breakfast) about 30 km outside Florence. The place was like a dream with two wonderful hosts, Josianne and Narciso. We were welcomed with a fantastic dinner, but not before picking some tomatoes in the garden which ended up as a very nice sauce for the primi piatti, the appetizer. If I'll have the chance to visit here again, I certainly will. Many thanks to Josianne and Narciso who were just simply wonderful to be with for those four days.

Narciso cutting prosciutto.

In the kitchen, Josianne is preparing the main dish.

Josianne's kitchen. Marvellous!

The dining table next to a gigantic fireplace.

Tomatoes that actually taste like tomatoes. A rarity these days.

Narciso's home-made olive oil in a little can. Olive oil and bread always belong on any italian dining table.

Melon (from the garden outside) and prosciutto for antipasto.

Narciso is serving the primi piatti. Pasta!

Simple but high quality ingredients are the key to italian food. Cherry tomatoes, roasted pine nuts, garlic and herbs mixed with a superb olive oil.

Saltimbocca for main dish.


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