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Italy Part 4 - Three treasure restaurants

As usual, I've been doing quite a bit of research about which restaurants to visit during the tuscany trip. But the best ones were either found accidentally or by recommendation of our local hosts, Josiane and Narciso. Generally, the restaurants were all very good or even excellent. The pasta where it's made fresh by hand is always a real treat. A normal italian dinner consists of four parts, first antipasti, then primi, then secondi and then dolci and of course an espresso at the end with possibly a grappa. the antipasti could be some slices of prosciutto and a local salami, primi are most of the time a plate of handmade pasta, the secondi (main dishes) meat or fish, then any kind of dessert like handmade vanilla ice cream with a few drops of aged balsamic vinegar on top. To summarize it, it's usually quite a feast and you won't leave the table too soon.

Ristorante I' Polpa (Fiesole)

This place was found completely accidentally as all the other restaurants around were filled with tourists in their garden patio. I' Polpa didn't have outdoor seating which obviously kept most tourists away from it. But the menu attached outside looked very promising and the food ended up being fantastic!

The kitchen, quite simple.

A fresh porcini mushroom, grilled with olive oil, pepper and salt. Amazing!

The chef is putting the salsa verde on plates.

The lovely chef serving our dishes.

Stuffed goose throat with salsa verde and the best potato I've eaten in a long time. One of her grandmother's recipes.

A wonderful pie with grapes and rosemary.

Ristorante I' Polpa
Piazza Mino, 21/22 - 50014 Fiesole
Tel. 055.59485

Ristorante Il Pozzo (Monteriggioni)

At this place, the pasta was really standing out. Even though we didn't order it, the bistecca fiorentina they served at the next table, looked amazing as well. Specialty here the pasta al cinghuale (wild boar).

Besides a nice interior, Il Pozzo also offers a nice garden patio which was filled with tourists though.

Papardelle al Cinghuale. A must try here!

In paper wrapped ravioli with truffle sauce.

Ristorante Il Pozzo
Piazza Roma, 2 - 53035 Monteriggioni (SI)
Tel. (0577) 30.41.27

Osteria Locanda (Terranuova)

One of Josiane's and Narciso's special recommendations, this restaurant is beautifully located. During warm summer nights, the garden area is available for seating in the middle of a herbal garden. It's a bit hard to access on top of a hill located down a small alley, but certainly worth a trip. Amazing food, very friendly service, great atmosphere and cheap, good wines.

Raw sole fillets marinated in olive oil and lemon juice with a lentil salad.

Pasta with porcini.

A simple beef stew. Heavenly done.

Narciso having a little chat with the chef after our fantastic meal.

Osteria Locanda Il Canto del Maggio
Frazione Penna 30/d - 52025 Terranuova B. ni AR
Tel. 055.0705147


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